Serpentine Belt Replacement

serpentine belt replacement

A serpentine belt is a crucial factor in driving the air conditioner, power steering, alternator and various other pumps and accessories. Because of this belt’s location there is a high possibility of getting oil on the belt that will make it slip, preventing the proper circulation necessary to keep the engine cool. Additionally, if there is oil spotted on the serpentine belt determining where the oil is coming from is crucial before replacing the belt.


Unfortunately, a serpentine belt doesn’t last forever. Our ASE Certified Technicians will check your serpentine belt for tears or abrasions during every oil change assuring you the longest duration possible. If the serpentine belt starts to go bad our expert mechanics recommend getting it replaced before it snaps.


A helpful hint to remember is if you notice a crack approximately three millimeters apart then it is time to replace your serpentine belt. The cost of a serpentine belt varies depending on the vehicle, but you can make an appointment online to get your serpentine belt replaced today.


Call or fill out the online form to make an appointment to get your vehicle inspected by one of our DFW ASE Certified Technicians. All locations offer Free WiFi or you can drop it off and have one of our DFW mechanics bring it to your home or office when your serpentine belt replacement is complete.