New Texas Inspection Laws

New Texas Inspection Laws

Car owners in the state of Texas will no longer need to display an inspection sticker on the windshield. However, the state inspection laws in Texas now require all vehicles to be inspected prior to receiving a new registration sticker. The vehicle registration sticker will be used as proof that a vehicle has been inspected. Here are some of the advantages of this new system.


Saves Money
This new inspection system will give taxpayers some relief. Experts estimate that at least $2 million in tax money will be saved each year.


Enhanced Visibility
For years, Texas motorists have dealt with the distraction of having an inspection sticker on the windshield. Fortunately, the new state inspection laws in Texas will eliminate this potential safety issue. Drivers will no longer have to worry about the inspection sticker blocking their visibility.


Inspection Compliance
In the past, some drivers were able to get away with not getting their vehicle inspected. The new inspection laws effectively put more pressure on negligent car owners. Drivers will not be able to renew their registration until their vehicle passes the inspection. This helps to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.


Fewer Dates to Keep Up With
Some people have trouble keeping up with deadlines. Most people will find the new state inspection laws in Texas to be extremely convenient. Drivers will only need to take a quick glance at the sticker on their license plate.


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