How did we do? Please give us a Google Review!

How did we do? Please give us a Google Review!

City Garage is committed to providing our customers with the best auto service possible. Let us know how we are doing by submitting a Google review!

Click on one of the links below to leave a Google Review for any one of our 14 locations:

Don’t Know how to Google Review? Here’s a guide:

How to write a Review for City Garage in Google

Step 1 ) Go to our Google Places page.
To leave a Google review, you will first go to the Google Places page of City Garage.  You can do this by searching for the business’ name in Google and the city it is located in (Note:  We have 14 different locations so make sure you are choosing the right one!)  Within our listing(s) you should see a link to “Write a Review”. Click that link.


Step 2 ) Signing into Google to leave your review
Next, you will be taken to a sign in screen for a Google account. If you have a Google account (or Gmail account), sign in and you will be able to leave a review, otherwise you will need to create a Google account.

Step 3 )  Go back to the City Garage’s review page in Google
It should be as easy as hitting the “back” button on your web browser, but if all else fails, just for us in Google again.  Hit the “Write a Review Button” again.


Step 4 ) Create a nickname
Now when you click the review button you will be taken to somewhere where you can write a review. If this is the first Google review you will be writing, you will need to create a nickname for yourself. You do this by using your mouse to select the number of stars to give us a review. When you select a star value, it will open a box inviting you to set up your review nickname.

When the box appears you will select “Get Started and a new window or tab will appear. Here you are going to add a nickname for yourself and, if you choose, you have the option to add a picture as well.

When finished, it will take you to a new tab and invite you to review local restaurants—just close this tab to go back to the review you originally started to write.

Step 5 ) Provide your review

Once you have rated the company by assigning them “stars” and written your review, you simply publish it by clicking the “Publish” button in the lower left side of the review box and you are done. Now that you’re signed up, it will be much easier to leave a review next time.

We really appreciate you taking your time to do this. Thank you so much.