How to Check Recalls For Your Auto

How to Check Recalls For Your Auto

An important task in keeping your car up to date and safe is to check for recalls. To check for recalls online is quite easily done and could possibly save lives. There are many websites listed when searching the internet for this subject, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


Recalls occur frequently for vehicles dated from 1966 to the present day and include products that did not comply with safety specification such as child safety seats, tires and vehicle equipment. Information can be found by searching the make, model, year and VIN number of your vehicle.


Check for recalls periodically since there are monthly updates for new information added continually. For instance, In December of 2014, recalls occurred concerning numerous vehicle and equipment problems. In November of the same year there were recalls concerning tires, equipment and vehicle problems.


These problems can be addressed typically free of charge by bringing your vehicle into the dealership and allowing them the time to correct the situation. Problems such as the ones listed on the website are important to fix and may mean the difference between keeping your family safe or an unfortunate injury or worse death.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be a big asset to you and your family. You can access information about any recall concerning your vehicle, but you may also file a complaint or find important information about your child’s safety seat. It is so important to find the correct child restraint seats for your children. This website can help you in understanding which seat is the correct one for your child, depending on their age, height and weight. Important information will also assist you in learning how to install the seat. You can also discover the right way to buckle children and adults, including pregnant women.