Green Oil Change

Green Oil Change

City Garage Auto Service & Car Repair 1st to go Green since ‘93

CARING FOR DFW AUTOS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. City Garage does everything possible to conserve natural resources while providing DFW customers exceptional auto maintenance services. Green Oil Change– City Garage IS Home of the Green Oil Change. Our expert oil service mechanics recycle all used motor oil. In fact, City Garage takes green auto oil changes a step further with Valvoline NextGen, the best recycled engine oil on the market. Since no drilling or crude oil extraction is involved, 20% emission use is decreased, fossil fuel consumption is eliminated by 48% and barrels of crude oil are saved by the millions. Besides protecting our planet, NextGen premium recycled oil offers DFW customers:

Performance, Protection and Durability—all exceed industry specifications

City Garage Guarantee

Valvoline Performance Guarantee

Wear Protection

API CJ-4/SM Specification NextGen Valvoline

Sludge Viscosity Protection

Engine Service– Used vehicle auto metal parts are recycled Transmission Repair– All used and contaminated fuel is recycled Air-conditioning Service and Repair– Used antifreeze is sent to an ethylene glycol recycler In 2008 City Garage properly disposed over 45,327 gallons of used motor oil; transmission fluid and contaminated fuel; 37,702 oil, gas and transmission filters; 14,743 gallons of antifreeze to an ethylene glycol recycler. CITY GARAGE GREEN INSIDE AND OUT

Customer records are shredded to protect customer privacy and recycled to protect our planet.

Used printer ink and toner cartridges are donated to a local school for their fundraising efforts.

Cardboard boxes are reused as much as possible before they are recycled.

City Garage encourages suppliers to provide electronic catalogues. Existing paper catalogs are taken to a local grade school recycle bin.

Numerous DFW locations use UL and EPA approved waste oil heaters to conserve energy in cold weather.

City Garage floors are cleaned with concentrated soaps. A dilution soap-dispensing unit optimizes amount of soap used and ensures the soapy water remains biodegradable. An oil separator and a sand trap keep the solution away from the ground water disposal.

GO GREEN. Schedule an eco-friendly oil change appointment at any DFW City Garage in the following locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Lewisville, Coppell, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Euless, Colleyville.