Car Starter Repair and Replacement DFW

Car Starter Repair and Replacement DFW

Drivers in DFW don’t consider maintenance on their car starter until it’s not producing power. The few cold months that exist in DFW take their toll on car starters. Also during the hot months, car starters absorb heat, which can affect their performance.


Your starter is a complicated part and to replace it you’ll need a good amount of knowledge about the subject. You’re in luck, City Garage DFW is well versed in all things related to automotive repair, and we can handle your starter repair and replacement any day.


Oftentimes, people mistake alternator problems for starter problems, be sure you know the difference. The professionals at City Garage DFW can help you tell which is which.


If you only hear a clicking sound when trying to start your car, you probably have a dead battery. A whining sound is typically caused by problems with the alternator and a clicking sound is caused by a weak spot in the starter. If this occurs, the car starter won’t be able to produce enough power to start the vehicle.


Your local DFW City Garage is able to provide car starters to help your car get to the 150,000-mile goal. Stop by your local City Garage and let one of our City Garage DFW ASE Certified Technicians check your engine for issues with the starter. Schedule your appointment by calling or filling out the online contract form and we will get back to you immediately!