Brake Repair Garland

Brake Repair Garland

Is your vehicle coming safely to a stop in an adequate amount of time after pressing your brake pedal? Is it taking significantly longer for your vehicle to slow down when weather is less than perfect? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you should bring your vehicle to the Garland brake repair experts at City Garage immediately. Our team knows your car’s brake system inside out, from the pads to the pedal, and everything in between.


Whether you’ve run into issues with your drum brakes, hydraulic fluid, master cylinder, or any other part of your brake system, or have been in an accident due to a brake failure, our team is Garland’s break repair and maintenance leader, and we know exactly what takes to get you on the road safely.


It should come as no surprise that City Garage has been known as the Garland break repair experts since (YEAR). Stop into our garage today, or give one of our friendly customer service agents a call today and one of our mechanics will be glad to see what’s stopping you from stopping safely.

Warning Signs that Something is Wrong with your Brakes

Your braking system is the most important safety function in your vehicle, and a lot can go wrong. Thankfully, there are some telltale warning signs:

Your dashboard panel has an amber light on, indicating that there could be something wrong with your anti-lock brake system (ABS).

You hear a grinding, squealing, or other noise while braking.

Your brake pedal feels “spongy” or slow to respond to your actions

The brake dashboard light is glowing red, which could indicate a system imbalance

Whether you simply need new brake shoes, or an entire brake system repair, let Garland’s brake repair experts get you back on the road safely today!