Brake Repair Arlington

Brake Repair Arlington

Is your car taking longer to stop than usual? If the answer to this question is yes, than it’s time to bring your can in to the Arlington brake repair specialists at City Garage. Our expert mechanics and technicians know each part of your brake system inside out, from the break pedal through the pads.


Whether you’re facing issues with your break pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, master cylinder, power brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes, electronic anti-lock brake sensors or more, our technicians are Arlington’s break repair experts, and we know exactly what it takes to get you back on the road.


It’s no wonder that City Garage has been known as the Arlington break repair specialists since (YEAR). Contact our friendly customer service team today, or just stop in and one of our expert mechanics would be glad to see what’s stopping you from stopping properly.

Brake Warning Signs

While it serves one of the most primary functions in our vehicles, modern braking systems can be extremely complicated, and there are many signs that something has gone wrong:

Your dashboard panel has an amber light on, indicating that there could be something wrong with your anti-lock brake system (ABS)

The brake dashboard light is glowing red, which could indicate a system imbalance.

Your brake pedal feels “spongy” or slow to respond to your actions.

You hear a grinding, squealing, or other noise while braking.

Whether you simply need new brake pads, or an entire brake system, let Arlington’s brake repair experts get you back to safe driving today!