Does Your Car Need a Tune Up?

Does Your Car Need a Tune Up?

Visit one of our automotive repair locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area today for fast and efficient service. Our crew is trained and certified to work on all makes and models of automobiles. We have the knowledge and experience you need when you’re trying to take the best care of your car.


How do you know if your car needs a tune-up? There are a few signs. If there is a drop in gas mileage, it can mean that there is something that needs to be adjusted in your car. Another sign is if the car is tough to start. There could be any number of things that would cause this to happen, so it’s important to bring it into the shop and to get it checked out. A rough idle is another sign that you would need to get the car tuned up, because this can cause other issues down the line. If the car is stalling, then you should ask us to take a look at it and see what the issue is. Another sign is if the car jerks when the vehicle shifts.


In the process of the tune ups, we will look at a few things. Our technicians will look at the spark plugs of the car and make sure that they’re all good. We will also look at plug wires to check their condition. Other objects we’ll look at are the fuel filters and the oxygen sensors. We’ll also look at the electronic control module components.


If it’s a manual transmission, we will take a look at the clutch and make sure it’s in good condition. We will also look at the engine timing and idle.


City Garage will help you take excellent care of your car. We’ll be able to quickly and efficiently look at your car and pinpoint the issue. Let us take care of your vehicle and help you to get back on the road.