City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Leonard Jackson

City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Leonard Jackson


This month we continue to celebrate City Garage’s 25th Anniversary by placing the spotlight on Operations Supervisor, Leonard Jackson. Leonard started with City Garage seventeen years ago as a Service Writer. He then became a Store Manager until he was promoted to his current position as Operations Supervisor. In these various capacities, he has worked at our Grand Prairie locations, in Duncanville, Fort Worth-Hulen Street (twice) and the Arlington-Green Oaks store. Needless to say, Leonard knows City Garage well and does an outstanding job in Operations. We are grateful for the positive manner with which he leads, and proud to have him as part of our City Garage family.


Why did you come to work for City Garage?

When I first applied and interviewed with City Garage the first thing I noticed was how clean the lobby and the shop were! That may be funny to some but that was one reason, and the other was the opportunity of being trained and given a chance to run my own store as a manager.


What’s the part of your job you like the best?

Being able to help others when needed.


What’s the part of your job you like the least?

Driving in DFW traffic.


Do you have fun working for City Garage? If so, when?

Yes! I always try to make it fun for myself and others coming to work and keep a smile on our faces!


What do you wish you would’ve known when you first started working for City Garage?

Nothing really. I know more now working for City Garage then I did prior.


If you could give any advice to our newest employees, what would it be

Come to work everyday and be ready to learn; this is a opportunity of a lifetime!


What would you say has impacted you the most since you started working for City Garage?

The knowledge of running an automotive repair shop.


What’s one thing you’d like to improve about City Garage?

Getting together more often for company employee family events.


What’s one thing you wouldn’t change about City Garage?

The Ethics.


What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I’m not sure about like, but keeping up with maintenance at home.
Let’s not forget FISHING – is a must!


What’s a personal goal you’ve set for yourself this year?

To learn from what did not go right the day prior and get better the next day!


What’s the biggest change in the company you’ve experienced?

Opening the City Lube store on Frankford Road in North Dallas.


What three words best describe your relationship with your coworkers at City Garage?

Friendship,Trust and Communication


What do you think is unique about City Garage compared to other companies in the industry?

That’s a tough one. I have been with City Garage going on 17 years, so I’m not too sure about other companies. I will say though the way we take care of our customers and their vehicles is second to none!


Tell us about something – new technology, a new product, etc. – that makes you excited about the future of your job.

The latest technical equipment we just got to give us the ability to go forward with the ever changing technological advances of vehicles!