City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Chuck Hoffman

City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Chuck Hoffman


As we continue to celebrate City Garage’s 25th anniversary, we want to introduce some of the employees who helped get us here. Our spotlight today is on Chuck Hoffman, City Garage’s Vice President of Operations, who’s been with us 23 years and originally started as a technician. We asked him a few questions to get his perspective on his time here at City Garage, and what he’s looking forward to in the future. Shoutout also to his son Matt, who’s a technician at our Duncanville store, and has been with us 4 years so far. Thank you both so much for your continued service, and we’re proud that your family is part of our City Garage family.


Why did you come to work for City Garage?

I was moving to the area from New Mexico and came across an add for technicians . Called and spoke to Scott, after our conversation City Garage sounded like it was exactly what I was looking for in a job.


What’s the part of your job you like the best?

Helping people get the most out of their career by passing knowledge and experiences on to our technicians and managers.


What’s the part of your job you like the least?

Don’t have one.


Do you have fun working for City Garage? If so, when?

Overcoming the challenge with a successful result make the day fun.


What do you wish you would’ve known when you first started working for City Garage?

How to work with service writers.


If you could give any advice to our newest employees, what would it be

Use all of the training resources and technical information that City Garage makes available to them.


What would you say has impacted you the most since you started working for City Garage?

All of the outstanding people I have worked with and industry organizations/training made available has helped me continue to reach new heights as a automotive service professional.


What’s one thing you’d like to improve about City Garage?

Cannot currently think of one.


What’s one thing you wouldn’t change about City Garage?

When something needs to change it is reviewed and put in place quickly.


What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Spend time with my family, play golf, fish, ride my motorcycle and go racing.


What’s a personal goal you’ve set for yourself this year?

Hire and develop top notch automotive service professionals to enable the growth of City Garage to continue.


What’s the biggest change in the company you’ve experienced?

Vehicle technology.


What three words best describe your relationship with your coworkers at City Garage?

genuine, caring and happy.


What do you think is unique about City Garage compared to other companies in the industry?

We genuinely care about employees and customers.


Tell us about something – new technology, a new product, etc. – that makes you excited about the future of your job.

Automanas driving and connected vehicle technology.