City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Keith Shaulis

City Garage 25th Anniversary Employee Spotlight – Keith Shaulis

Keith Shaulis, our Director of IT, is one of the original first employees of City Garage. On July 3rd, we’ll be celebrating his 25th anniversary with the company. We asked him a few questions to get his perspective on his time here at City Garage, and what he’s looking forward to in the future. Thank you for your time with us, Keith, and we’re proud to call you one of our own!


1. Why did you come to work for City Garage?

I was an aircraft mechanic that had been transferred all over the country. After I relocated back to the Dallas area I had a young son and wanted to settle down to a job that was more stable and not have to move any more. I saw an ad in the paper for an auto mechanic and applied with City Garage back in 1993. I have been here ever since.


2. What’s the part of your job you like the best?

The people that work here. People are what will make or break a company.


3. What’s the part of your job you like the least?

What I like the least of my job is updating the computers and/or software. Being that I am only one person, I get stressed out because I know that other people are waiting on me before they can use their computers.


4. Do you have fun working for City Garage? If so, when?

Absolutely, I enjoy getting out in the stores while addressing some computer issues and talking with the employees at the stores. I also enjoy getting to go to Las Vegas for the SEMA show and seeing the new equipment and cars.


5. What do you wish you would’ve known when you first started working for City Garage?

I wish I had known more about the auto repair industry. I came in as an aircraft mechanic and cars and airplanes are two totally different machines. Learning about how cars and engines worked was stressful and I felt like I couldn’t contribute until I was more knowledgeable.


6. If you could give any advice to our newest employees, what would it be

Learn all you can from City Garage. We have a ton of different training available from Online training and classroom training whether it be at our training center or offsite. The training that we do and send our employees to is free to them. All they have to do is show up and learn. You get out of your career what you put into it.


7. What would you say has impacted you the most since you started working for City Garage?

Knowing that I have bosses that really care about their employees and treat you like family. I can talk to them about any personal struggles and they will offer advice. Being respected for your opinion and will listen to you.


8. What’s one thing you’d like to improve about City Garage?

To make it easier/faster for our employees to estimate jobs. I’m searching for ways that will automate this process.


9. What’s one thing you wouldn’t change about City Garage?

The family feel of the work environment.


10. What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I like to go play golf, go shooting, spend time with my family and watch TV.


11. What’s a personal goal you’ve set for yourself this year?

I always have the same goal. To be a better father, Husband and Person than I was the year before


12. What’s the biggest change in the company you’ve experienced?

Growth. We have grown City Garage from 1 store in 1993 to a total of 14 (about to be 15, with our new Lube Center opening soon).


13. What three words best describe your relationship with your coworkers at City Garage?

Friendly, Fairness, Respect


14. What do you think is unique about City Garage compared to other companies in the industry?

Ethics. City Garage was founded with Ethics. This has been a staple at City Garage since we opened the doors back in 1993. Always use Ethics Beyond Reproach.


15. Tell us about something – new technology, a new product, etc. – that makes you excited about the future of your job.

Technology is always changing. I like learning new things and taking what I learn and applying them to our business at City Garage. We have an electronic vehicle inspection that we can send to our customers that we used to have to hand write and make a copy to give them. The digital age is making it so much easier to access or share information nowadays.