How To Avoid Buying A Flooded Vehicle

How To Avoid Buying A Flooded Vehicle

If you are searching for a used vehicle in Texas, you should use caution because of the recent flooding. Water damaged vehicles are found between North Texas and the Gulf area. The best way to check for water damaged vehicles is to use a dealership that checks the history of their vehicles before they buy. City Garage offers pre-purchase inspections on all vehicles they purchase for resell. There are a few signs you can look for when inspecting a used vehicle.


Signs of Vehicle Water Damage


A vehicle that has suffered water damage from flooding is hard to spot. A flooded vehicle will have a greater chance of mechanical failure. They will be ineligible for warranty services, and this sticks you with the repair costs. If you are buying a used vehicle from an individual, then ask them if it has flood damage and watch their reaction.


Smell the interior for signs of mold and mildew that may be present in cracks and crevices. Look under the vehicle for signs of rust, sand or moisture. The engine parts should also be examined for signs of rusting. You can also ask a reputable mechanic to look at the vehicle if you have suspicions. A flooded vehicle is also a safety issue. The electrical and computer parts are not supposed to get wet. This can affect the headlights, airbags and braking systems to malfunction.


If you have purchased a flooded vehicle without knowing ahead of time, you can try to return the vehicle where you bought it. Check out the lemon laws in the state where you live to see if you have any protection. The best advice is to use a reputable dealership like City Garage to buy your used vehicles. A flooded vehicle will cost you a lot of money and a low selling price.