Driver Safety Tips

Driver Safety Tips

While today’s cars and trucks are safer than ever before, there’s still no substitute for safe, conscientious driving. No matter how many airbags or electronic driving aids your vehicles has, avoiding an accident is still the best way to be safe.


Taking a few moments to remember and apply the following driver safety tips could dramatically improve your chances of being accident free the next time you’re behind the wheel. Here at City Garage DFW, we encourage you to always make safe driving a top priority. Together, we can all help make our beautiful state’s roads and highways less dangerous.

Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture

While it can be tempting to focus directly on the car in front of you, this should be avoided at all times. Instead, keep your eyes on the horizon. This will allow you to see emerging hazards or obstacles while you still have enough time to react. If you adopt just one of the driver safety tips from this list, this may be the best one, as it improves every aspect of your driving.


Keep Out of Other Driver’s Blind Spots
While good drivers always carefully check their blind spots before switching lanes, it’s an unfortunate fact that some people do not. For this reason, it is always smart to stay out your fellow motorists’ blind spots. Either speed up or slow down to maintain a safe position.


Avoid Excessive Lane Changes
When driving on the highway, it is generally best to pick a lane and stay in it. Every time you switch, your chances of being rear-ended by a distracted driver increase. Constantly zooming between lanes rarely speeds up your trip as much as many people suspect. Instead, play it safe and keep lane changing to a minimum.


Don’t Tailgate
While this seems obvious, it’s surprising how often drivers get way too close to the vehicle in front of them. Tailgating robs you of the time necessary to react to an unexpected stop or other event.