Car Tips for Weekend Trips

Car Tips for Weekend Trips

When you’re ready to head out onto the open road and take the Great American Adventure, be sure your car is ready, too. Here are some car care tips for weekend trips to help ensure that all parts of your car are in great condition and working as they should. This will give you the peace of mind necessary to enjoy every aspect of your trip and not worry about a breakdown by the side of the road!


Be sure that both of your headlamps are in good, working condition. Be sure that the blinker works properly on each side of the car, front and back. Check your wiper blades for any sign of wear or tear or accumulation of dirt. You may clean them with a damp, light-colored towel in order to see how much dirt you have gotten off. If the wipers appear to be damaged in any way, replace them before going on your trip.


If you do not already regularly change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles, make sure you get an appointment for an oil change before heading out on your adventure. Clean, new oil that is regularly changed helps the car to run its best. This also extends the life of the car’s engine.


Another of our car care tips for weekend trips is to be sure that the brake pads on your car are sufficient to stop your car safely. If this is not the case, get them replaced. The same goes for the wear on your car’s tires’ treads. If there is more than 50% wear on any of the tires, go ahead and replace the tire. It’s usually best to replace the tires two at a time, and always replace the tires that are parallel to each other. The front tires should be replaced together, and the back tires together as well. This will give your car a nice, even ride.


Be sure you have enough windshield washer fluid so that you can keep your windshield clean no matter what the highway throws your way.


Lastly, enjoy that trip!