Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Summer’s here once again and motorists are gearing up to travel millions of miles. Take some proven, valuable advice from the pros at City Garage before you head out this summer.


Preparing For the Journey
Plan ahead to avoid stress. Even if your original plan goes to pot, it’s well worth doing things like preparing a budget and planning en route activities to decrease stress on all occupants, particularly the driver. This is especially valuable advice to consider when traveling long distances with children.


Check Engine Fluids and Tires
Like the human body, cars have to stay hydrated to stay active in the summer. Check all fluid levels–i.e. fluid for the brakes, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, oil (get an oil change if you’re driving an especially long distance or if it’s simply low), windshield washer fluid–and check the tread on AND pressure of the vehicle’s tires, lest you break down in the middle of nowhere. Make certain that you’re carrying a road-worthy spare, too.


Have An Emergency Kit
A really important tip for extended journeys, prepare (or buy) an emergency road kit; a good one should consist of things such as a blanket, cell phone, breakdown triangle or cones, a torch, high visibility clothing, a map (Google navigation is great, but what happens when your signal disappears?), and first aid kit.


Pack Well
Hastily throwing items in the car causes people to miss things or forget where they put them. Take some time and put things in the center console or glove box that you’ll need along the way. Ascertain easy access to things like pillows, CDs, snacks, maps, clothes and so forth. Even prioritizing the order in which things might be needed is a great idea.


Take Occasional Breaks
Sleepy or tired driving accounts for thousands of accidents every year. Schedule 10 to 20 minute breaks for every two hours of driving, even if for nothing else than to stop and stretch your legs and use the restroom.


Take the Scenic Route
Instead of taking the lame old interstate, plan a scenic route for the trip if one is available. Advantages of doing this often include getting to stretch those pedal-weary legs more frequently, de-stressing, and possibly even discovering some pretty awesome sights.


Check For Cheap Gas Along the Way
There are plenty of mobile apps for finding cheap gas practically anywhere in the U.S. Download one and you could save a nice chunk of change for other activities!