Valoline Synthetic Motor Oil

Valoline Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline motor oil is used by many car owners because it is a very efficient product. It provides many benefits for the driver and for the vehicle.


Synthetic Motor Is Better Than Conventional Motor Oil

Valvoline synthetic motor and regular motor oil have differences. Synthetic motor oil is made through a unique process. The process involves tiny molecules; the molecules are assembled into bigger molecules that have better lubricating benefits. Some molecules are also made by taking large molecules and breaking them apart. After the molecules are apart, they are re-arranged, so that they have improved lubricating properties. No matter what method is used, the finished product will have base fluids that will contain great lubricating properties. Standard motor oil has base stocks that are made from crude oil.


General Information About Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor is not a fake oil. It is made from crude oil. However, the oil uses more base stocks than regular motor oils. Synthetic motor oil also goes through a specific process that changes each molecule, so that they are the same size. This gives the motor oil a better film strength. Full synthetic motor oil has additives that are designed by scientists, so the oil can handle increased temperatures and other issues.


Understanding The Synthetic Motor Oil Changing Process

Synthetic motor oil and oils that use various blends are not designed to extend basic oil change intervals. They are recommended for engines that work harder, and they help improve gas mileage. Synthetic motor oil is not designed to extend service intervals farther than a car manufacturer’s recommendation.


Switching From A Regular Motor Oil To A Synthetic Motor Oil

The process of switching motor oils will not cause any problems. Synthetic motor oil and regular motor oil are compatible, so car owners can switch oils as often as they want. The process of mixing motor oil is also ok.


Understanding The Cost Of Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil offers more benefits than conventional oil. It improves gas mileage, increases horsepower, and makes the vehicle ride smoother. It also provides operational improvements; synthetic motor oil helps the engine function more efficiently. Although the cost of synthetic motor oil is expensive, it is worth every penny.


Overall, synthetic motor oil is the best choice for automotive needed. Many automotive companies make various kinds of synthetic motor oils, but Valvoline synthetic motor oil is highly recommended.