How to Extend the Life of Your Tires

How to Extend the Life of Your Tires

Although the tires are one of the most important components on your vehicle, far too many drivers fail to give their tires the necessary care. While most tires are designed to last for thousands of miles, there are quite a few factors that can dramatically shorten the longevity of your tires. No motorist wants to endure the expensive cost of purchasing new tires. Here are some very effective ways to extend the life your tires.


Check the tire pressure often.
Overinflating your tires is just as harmful as driving on underinflated tires. To ensure that your tires last for as long as possible, it is a good idea to check your tire pressure at least once a month. To find out the recommended air pressure for the tires, simply refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Always keep a tire pressure gauge in your car.


Rotate the tires.
The purpose of a tire rotation is to make sure that all of the tires wear evenly. Ideally, you should have the tires rotated at least every 6,000 miles or so. If you decide to rotate the tires yourself, please be sure to take all of the necessary safety precautions. While rotating the tires, inspect for any cuts or holes in the tire. A nail could be causing your tire to gradually lose air pressure.


Get a wheel alignment once a year.
If your vehicle has trouble staying in a straight line, this is a common sign that your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment. If you drive over 15,000 miles a year, you may need to get a wheel alignment twice a year. An unaligned set of wheels will make your vehicle much more difficult to steer. Due to the need for specialized computer equipment, a wheel alignment is not a do-it-yourself project.


Balance the tires
Tire balance can have a major impact on the quality of driving experience. If your steering wheel is vibrating, there is a good chance that a tire is unbalanced. In an effort to balance the air pressure within a tire, the tire installer places wheel weights on each tire. Unfortunately, the harsh environment of the road can cause these weights to fall off.


Visually inspect the tread wear pattern.
If you notice any irregular tire wear patterns, have it checked out by a profess