Leaking Brakes

Leaking Brakes

Among some of the worst problems to encounter on a vehicle, brake problems are perhaps the scariest of them all. After all, who wants to be driving down the road to find that their vehicle is becoming harder to stop? Whatever the cause may be, braking issues are a concern that almost everyone will deal with at one point or another. It’s not really difficult to discern if you’ve got them, where the problem lies is in dealing with the problem right away before it worsens itself.

Spongy Brakes

Are your brakes spongy or slow to engage? This is a common problem, and many people all around you on the road are dealing with it too. There’s a good chance that you’ve got a leak in the hydraulic braking system, and that is never good. Here’s how you can tell if you’ve go a leak in the hydraulics, and how you can find a professional automotive serviceman fix it.

Braking Hydraulics

Your braking system is most likely a hydraulic system that runs off of a clear brake fluid that is pushed through a tube to pressure the brake pads to squeeze the brake disc in your wheel. This system has to maintain a level of pressure in order to operate properly, and when it doesn’t do that, you’re putting yourself, and your passengers in danger. There are many ways to avoid bad breaks, and all of them include catching the problem early and dealing with it immediately.

Here is how you can tell if you’ve got low brake fluid: first check the level on the reservoir. If that level decreases rapidly over the course of a week, you’ve got a leak in your hydraulic lines that needs to be dealt with. A leak means a hole, and a hole means a loss of pressure that could begin making your brakes spongy and more prone to being less effective.

How to tell when and how you need A Repair

You can check what the problem is by using a number of different techniques. Most of the time you won’t be able to make much headway by yourself, so it is suggested that you invest into a serviceman that you trust, and an automotive repair shop that is honest and has integrity. City Garage DFW has proven itself to be selflessly serving the area with information about your car, and a place to take it when the repair is beyond your ability. We can fix, and check all braking systems and give you peace of mind on the road. Give us a call today!

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