How the Carburetor Works

How the Carburetor Works

The Engine is the heart of your vehicle. It has the capabilities of several horsepower, and yet even small components being out of place can cause this powerful contraption to break down, or experience great difficulty in performing its task. Only seasoned experts in engine repair can really know what makes this powerful machine tick, but City Garage DFW is committed to bringing this sort of knowledge to the layman in order to better care for, and maintain their vehicle. You have to know the difference between when you need a DIY solution, or a professional repair. With the knowledge that City Garage presents here, you can know what’s best in every situation.


One of those pivotal components of your engine is the carburetor. Most people have little to no knowledge of what the carburetor actually does, and therefore it wouldn’t be on the list of things that could go wrong in an engine. That’s just plain incorrect, and when you really delve into it you’ll see why.


The Purpose

The purpose of the carburetor is to mix just the right amount of gasoline and air to make the vehicle run properly. If there is not enough fuel mixing with the air it’ll run “lean,” which is just a fancy way of saying it’ll either not run, or damage the engine when it runs. If there is too much fuel to air in the engine, the vehicle runs “rich,” and runs either smoky, floods, or runs poorly. The carburetor is in charge of making this mixture just perfect.


Now on newer cars, fuel injection is becoming more and more popular because it is more efficient and oftentimes yields better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. However, on older cars it is the norm due to its inexpensive cost.


On The Inside

The inside of the carburetor is a wonder in and of itself. It is essentially a tube with an adjustable plate across the tube that controls how much air allowed to flow through the tube. Inside of that tube there is a vacuum that governs the amount of air sucked into the engine. This system in its entirety governs the mixture of fuel to air.


The Carburetors Function

At full throttle, the carb is operating “normally” because the throttle plate is parallel to the length of the tube which allows the maximum amount of air to flow through the tube. This enables the air flow to create a vacuum that draws in a controlled amount of air into the engine, thus completing the cycle and putting just the right mixture of air and fuel into the engine. Pretty cool stuff if you ask us.


If you’ve ever got Carburetor problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with professional expertise in car repair.v City Garage DFW wants to educate and benefit our customers.