Manual Vs. Automatic Transmission

Manual Vs. Automatic Transmission

Have you ever wondered the differences between a manual transmission and an automatic? We thought so. Too many times people will pass up an option simply because of unfamiliarity. Here at City Garage DFW, we don’t think that you should keep ignoring things because you don’t know what they are, so we’re here to educate you on the differences and pros and cons to having a stick shift to a manual.

First of all, some statistics. Only 6.7 percent of all vehicles sold these days are manual according to the EPA. That’s right, a huge decrease in manual transmissions from past years. This means that fewer people are being exposed to their advantages, and because of the shift in the market, (get it?) many people probably assume it’s an outdated or harmful system of gear shifting. This is just simply not the case. The question of manual to automatic may be decided almost purely by your opinion on the matter.


Better Gas Mileage

Some advantages of having a manual transmission include things that most people wouldn’t think. One of them is better gas mileage up to 15 percent. That’s right, 15 percent. Pretty cool, eh? We thought so.

Here’s how this works. On an automatic transmission, the torque converter is constantly pushing you forward; no matter how much pressure you’re putting on the gas pedal. This puts your gas consumption at a consistent rate of use, and your vehicle will be getting gas mileage ratings at a lesser value than a manual.

On a manual, your clutch is going to be the control of where your torque is coming from. Without the clutch being in a position to push the car into gear, you won’t be going anywhere to begin with. This allows you to have control over your vehicle’s gas consumption, and that leads us into the next advantage.


Greater Control Over Your Vehicle

A manual transmission allows you to have complete access to your vehicle’s capabilities. This includes all of the tricks you’ve always wanted to try out (We aren’t recommending them) and all of the little quirks that make you fall in love with a vehicle.  Manuals have that capability more than anything else, and for a lot of people, that extra bit of control is a dealmaker.

Lastly, manual vehicles feature better maintenance and servicing schedules. They are much easier to maintain and much better on the wallet at that. They inherently last longer because you won’t be pushing the engine constantly like an automatic. This enables the manufacturer to be a little less stringent about maintenance schedules, and it allows the consumer to be a little more free with his money. Win win situation if you ask us.

So there you have it, the reasons you should get a manual transmission. If this didn’t convince you, be sure to stick with your auto tranny. That one will do the trick too.