Where Are Your Parts Coming From?

Where Are Your Parts Coming From?

When it comes to your vehicle, it’s important to give it the highest quality of service. You don’t want to just get by, instead, you’d do well to invest a little into some quality. Just like a pet or a child, the idea isn’t to feed them the cheapest food you can find. It’s to find the right balance between affordability and quality; thus causing them to be healthy and able to handle whatever hardships they may experience down the road.


Used Parts

These days, pre-owned car components come in a wide selection, and at prices that people like a whole lot better than the retail quotes you’ll get from the big names. That’s understandable, and when it comes to a good number of items, it’s actually better to buy used. However, there are a great amount of scenarios where the opposite is true, and today we’re going to talk about how to discern between a good used part, a bad one, and when to buy used parts at all.


When to Buy Used Parts      

Many Insurance companies will utilize used car body parts in compensating you for your auto claims. This keeps the cost down for replacement of car body parts, and makes finding some of the smaller replacement parts a little easier on your insurance company. Body shops like used parts for the same reasons, simply because your auto repair will be easier and more cost effective if you use a pre-owned part.

Another reason you may want to invest into pre-owned parts is for the relative cost effectiveness of things like fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, bumpers, cooling fan (belt driven) mirrors, stereo systems, and other such small items that don’t get a lot of wear and tear. Mostly, it’s important to make sure that the part is in good condition, and not meant to wear out over time.


When Not to Buy Used Parts

Here is where a little discernment has to be made. When it comes to your car, there are some things that you can go without. Those things include an extra expensive sound system, tinted windows, a lift-kit, the basics of the vehicle you bought will get you from point A to point B and that’s what matters. But when considering going with used for the replacement of items such as these….Think again.

When it comes to air bags, batteries, ball joints, brake discs/rotors, engine bearings, gaskets, fuses, headlights, oil filter, shock absorbers, and a host of other like products; you’d do well to buy them brand spanking new. Products like these are either meant to, or are known for eventually wearing down. Never take a used product that is meant to be replaced at some point.

In a world where deals and prices seem to be the only concern, City Garage DFW is here to offer some quality advice. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes and your best bet will be a careful combination of both used and new parts. City Garage DFW is always here to help. Get in touch with us if you have any other questions.