Preparing for the Cold Weather Months in Texas

Preparing for the Cold Weather Months in Texas

As the colder weather makes an entrance into the North Texas area, you’re going to want to be equipped to handle it properly. If you’re from California (we’re sorry) then you’ve probably never had to deal with anything below 40 degrees. You’ll quickly learn that here in Texas, it gets much lower than that, and there are real ramifications for it on your vehicle. If you want to keep your vehicle’s operation efficient and smooth, you’ll want to take advantage of some of the tips we feature here. If you hate your vehicle, go ahead and ignore this post. (We’re just kidding)


Store Your Car in a Garage If You Can

The cold weather is harder on your car than you think, and when it snows or rains during a cold season, the integrity of the components in your vehicle is in jeopardy. They will weaken if exposed to colder temperatures for extended periods of time without warming up the engine, or allowing the vehicle some sort of protection. We suggest that you store your car in a garage if you can, and if you can’t, don’t leave it out for longer periods of time in the snow or rain without warming up the engine. Colder weather is as dangerous to your vehicle’s health as overheating or sitting for years. Each can bring your vehicle to an inoperable state, and I’m sure we’d all like to avoid that.


Get a Tune Up Before the Cold Winter Hits

Tune ups alleviate the tension on certain components. Flushing the radiator will help it to work easier, changing the oil in your differential will make it run smoother, and an oil change will make your entire engine run smoother. Before the cold season hits, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t allowing any unnecessary strain to be prevalent, and instead, you have dealt with every possible problem. The last thing you want it so be stuck with a dead batter in the middle of winter. Make sure that everything is taken care of before the winter months are upon you or you may be wishing that you did.


Carry Ice Scrapers and a Spare Tire with You Wherever You Go

You should also consider keeping ice scrapers and a spare tire for those nasty situations. Make sure you always keep jumper cables in your vehicle as well, just in case. There are a number of possibilities, and we want you to be prepared for all of them. It’s time to make sure that you, your car, and your passengers are kept safe no matter what the weather conditions may be; cold, hot, or just right. If you follow these steps, you’ll find that accomplishing that goal is much easier.