Why You Should Build a Good Relationship with Your Mechanic

Why You Should Build a Good Relationship with Your Mechanic

We’ve all heard the horror stories, and we’ve all been warned about mechanics who just want to over-sell you. There are very real reasons why one should be careful, but on the flip side of that coin, there are some very real reasons why you should find a good mechanic, and not subject him to your constant string of doubts. Not all mechanics are bad, and once you’ve found a good one, it would do you good to stick with him. Here are some of the reasons why:


A Recommendation Can Go a Long Way

If you’re worried about mechanics with nothing but money on their mind, you can fix that easily by offering an incentive for every mechanic you ever meet: a quality recommendation. Whether that’s a handwritten note to someone’s boss, or pointing a friend in their direction, one of the best motivators for mechanics, honest and dishonest alike, is a good recommendation from you. They’ll not only remember you because of it, but they’ll see you as an investment and will treat you and your vehicle right.


Loyalty Ensures They Know Your Vehicle

A loyal customer can always count on their mechanic both knowing, and appreciating their vehicle. The more they know your vehicle, the less they can tell you there are problems that really don’t exist, and the more they can properly diagnose the problem at hand. Investing into your mechanic is one of the smartest things you can do. Don’t “shop around” so-to-speak, after you’ve found a good one. Get to know him and realize that even if you’re doing it just once, you are putting your vehicle into his hands whether you’re nice to him or not! Make it count.


Treat Them with the Same Respect You Want From Them

Not many people become mechanics just because of the money involved. Many of the people in auto-repair industry are skilled, talented, and driven. If you meet their enthusiasm with trust, they are more likely to be personal with your vehicle and you. If you want them to treat you like something more than a number, you should treat them the same way! A good mechanic is NOT a dime-a-dozen. When you find a good one, treat him with respect.


So there you have it. With respect comes, well, respect. If you follow this principle in dealing with your auto-repair technicians, you are sure to get better results.