Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

4 Tips For Preparing your Automobile for North Texas Summer Weather


We’ve all been there: we’ve all experienced that blistering walk to the car, coupled with the pain of the sunburn already acquired the day before, and in your haste to reach the solace of your vehicle, expecting the coolness of the interior to begin it’s process of comforting scorched hands and back, you sit down to find your car to be more unbearably suffocating than the humidity outside.


You’re not alone. And I don’t mean that other people feel your pain, I mean you’re not the only thing the warmer weather can adversely influence. The weather can harmfully effect your vehicle’s health too. As bad as personal discomfort can be, the long term effects of heat and humidity may be even more concerning for your car. Here are 4 tips on keeping both you and your mode of transportation cool during the Summer:



Proper Engine Cooling:


Your radiator plays the most important role in cooling your engine; which in turn also contributes to the efficiency of your engine by keeping overheats in check. However, it will need a little help this summer if you aren’t planning on a replacement anytime soon. Before the Summer really gets going, check your radiator and antifreeze levels to see if any repairs or refills need to be made. It’ll save money in the future, just in case a problem is there. When the heat is your enemy, the radiator is your best friend. Take care of your friends.


Proper Tire Pressure:


The weather also greatly effects your tire pressure. Temperature changes have been known to weaken the integrity of your tire’s health. It may take a lot of heat on the pavement, but your tires are not invincible and should be periodically checked for small punctures and leaking air to safeguard you against a 4 hour stuck-on-the-side-of-the-road-in-the-merciless-Texas-sun situation.


Proper Freon in Air conditioner:


When I said your radiator is your best friend, that’s only true if you don’t have an air conditioning system in your car. Really, air conditioning is more than a friend, it’s the savior everyone takes for granted. This Summer shouldn’t be the one marked by having no A/C, and it doesn’t have to be. Have a mechanic check your Freon and oil levels before you need that costly replacement.


Proper Window Tint:


You may also want to consider tinting your windows a shade or two darker. Studies have proven that a proper window tint will bounce the thermal rays of the sun away from your vehicle which in turn keeps that sunburn at bay. It also will put less strain on your air conditioner as it tries to cool the interior of your vehicle. Less strain is more gain.


There you have it: professionally recommended methods of maintaining vehicle health in a season that for some can be stressful and uncomfortable at best. It doesn’t have to be, and City Garage DFW offers a free 35 point inspection that you don’t want to miss if you’re planning on being comfortable this Summer.