Protecting Your Vehicle in Cold Weather Conditions

Protecting Your Vehicle in Cold Weather Conditions

Winter-Car1-300x186We’re now in the first week of December, which means the winter season is right around the corner. Although we rarely see our share of heavy snow or blizzards, it’s important for drivers to be prepared for unpredictable Texas winter weather that can create hazardous driving conditions.


For your peace of mind, the auto repair experts at City Garage have a few tips to help you make it through this winter season safe and sound:


Cold weather temperatures can cause your vehicle’s motor oil to thicken and not circulate as well throughout critical engine parts. To protect your engine during cold weather periods, choose a fully synthetic engine oil that’s best for your vehicle. If you aren’t sure which engine oil to use, schedule a tune-up or oil change at your local City Garage for a recommendation from our experts.


To protect the fluid in your radiator system from freezing, maintaining a well-supplied antifreeze reservoir is important during winter months. If your car doesn’t have a reserve tank, simply pour the fluids directly into your radiator for effective use.


A good set of tires can be the difference between making complete stops and skidding on icy roads, so make sure all of your vehicle’s tires have enough tread depth and optimal pressure levels. If your vehicle doesn’t already have an antilock brake system (ABS), purchasing a fresh set of brake pads can also improve the safety of your vehicle on wet or icy roads.


Attempting to remove ice from your windshield using your windshield wipers could damage the rubber on your blades. The next time you bring your vehicle in for service, let our ASE Certified Technicians check your wipers to make sure yours are in good condition.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your vehicle heading into the cold weather months, schedule a free vehicle inspection at your local City Garage. Our auto repair experts will give you peace of mind, and have you back on the road in time for the holiday season!


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