5 Signs of Starter or Alternator Problems

5 Signs of Starter or Alternator Problems



Sometimes, car problems pop up without much warning. Other times, there are clear signs that trouble isn’t too far ahead. Starters and alternators usually give you a few signals.


Do you know what to look for? Here are 5 common signs that your car could use electrical servicing:


  • Warning Lights. When your warning lights come on, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t quite right and your car needs attention now.


  • Dim Lights. When your headlights or interior lights start dimming from time to time, it’s a good indicator that you’ve got an electrical issue.


  • Dead Battery. When your battery can’t keep a charge, it’s a signal that there’s something wrong with your electrical system.


  • Broke or Loose Electrical Connections. When your wires or connections become broke, you could experience several electrical problems.


  • Sights, Smells & Sounds. When you see, smell or hear sounds that aren’t usual, it’s important to bring your car in soon after you’ve noticed this.


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