Making It To The 150,000-Mile Milestone

Making It To The 150,000-Mile Milestone



These days, who isn’t looking to keep their car a little longer? Even after a year with increased car sales, the average age of a car in the US has reached a record high of 11+ years. But Americans aren’t just holding onto their cars longer, a majority plan to keep their cars well past 150,000 miles, and almost 80% are racking up more miles on their current car than their last.


If you’re in this group, here are 10 tips to help you make it to 150,000 miles and beyond:


  • Buy a car that will last. Read reviews, talk to owners of that or similar cars, and take a few test drives. If you’re in the market for a new car, but plan to keep it for several years to come, this is your first step to making it last 150,000 miles or more.


  • Follow your car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Some parts require replacing based on miles, others on time. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for each. Also, pay extra attention to your timing belt. Although it’s expensive, it’s still much cheaper to replace it than repair the damage it’ll cause if it breaks.


  • Stash cash in a car maintenance and repair account. You can’t always predict when a part will need replacing and, of course, accidents do happen. Keep a car repair account and try putting away some money each month so an unexpected repair won’t be so much of a shock to your checking account.


  • Do your research. Some cars have certain problems that come up once you’ve hit a certain number of miles, years or circumstance. Check out forums on the web for your particular car. You’re likely to find everything you’d ever want to know right there. If you find your car is prone to a particular problem, it’ll help you prepare if and when that time comes.


  • Pay attention to performance. If you notice new, strange sounds, smells, sensations or something that just doesn’t seem quite right, be sure to come see us.  Things like these aren’t normal and should be looked at as soon as possible.


  • Do regular “test drives.” Go on a drive when you’re not busy thinking about where you’re going. Maybe even ask a friend or relative to drive your car. Sometimes, you may not notice a problem that’s gradually gotten worse over time, but they probably will. And you may even notice something while riding as a passenger that you wouldn’t have otherwise.


  • Fix, replace and repair things right away. If you want to keep your car running for the long haul, it’s important to take good care of it. Don’t let little things go either. Over time, they’ll all add up.


  • Use quality replacements parts. It’s important to use quality parts when it comes time to replace any that have become old and worn. If you’re not sure when it comes to brands or other options, our experts are always here to help.


  • Keep up with routine cleaning. Looks still matter, even at 100,000+ miles. But your paint does more than just keep your car looking great, it protects the material underneath as well. So, it’s a good idea to wash and wax your car regularly.


  • Take it easy behind the wheel. Cars that are driven gently last longer. Avoid any driving habits that add stress or strain on your car, including things such as hitting curbs, braking fast, foot-to-the-floor acceleration, exceeding your towing capacity, off-road driving or overloading.

With proper care, your car can make it to the 150,000-mile marker. And with a little help from our experts, we can help get you there.


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