How To: Keep Your Cool in Hot Summer Cars

How To: Keep Your Cool in Hot Summer Cars

We know that one of the last places you’d ever want to be is sitting in a hot car with spotty air conditioning, especially in sweltering Texas summers. And just as always, our experts are here to help and have the answers to keeping you cool all summer long:


Before you’re ever caught sweating over an A/C that’s going out, what can you do?


First, our experts recommend that you bring your car in annually for an A/C check.


When it finally starts to cool off, we also recommend that you run your air conditioner to help keep it from drying out.


And if you’re already experiencing issues with your A/C, it’s best not to wait long before bringing your car in. The longer you wait, the more likely it’ll be a larger, more expensive repair.


So, besides staying cool, why else is it important to have your A/C checked and repaired?


It’s essential to have your A/C inspected and repaired because excessive heat is not only bad for the body, but can cause unnecessary wear and tear as well.


So, what will our ASE Certified Mechanics be looking for when you bring your car in?


Our experts will perform a visual inspection and look for any leaks or cracks in your belts and hoses.


Then, we’ll check your refrigerant to make sure it isn’t low. If it is, we’ll run a leak test to find the source of the leak and top off your system if necessary.


Next, we’ll also look for any signs of refrigerant cross-contamination, which is when your refrigerants get mixed together and could be the culprit behind your A/C outage.


Well, it’s still pretty hot out there. So, what else can you do to stay cool this summer?


You should be sure to keep coolant in your car. Quite often, people are confused by the term antifreeze. Antifreeze has a low freezing point, and the reason behind its name. But it was actually designed for use in cars since it also has a very high boiling point. So, when your coolant is full, you can rest assured that it’s circulating through your engine and keeping it cool. We recommend keeping an extra container of antifreeze in the trunk in case of an emergency.


Another good idea is to bring water bottles and ice along with you to help keep you hydrated on hot summer days. Plus, having an extra water bottle along with you could be another good addition to an emergency kit, if you were ever to wind up with an overheated engine or another unexpected complication.


It’s also a good idea to park in the shade or a garage. If you have to park outside with little to no shade, park facing away from the sun so it’ll be beating down through your rear window rather than on your steering wheel and front seats.


You can also use a sunshade to help keep harmful rays out. It’ll still be a bit warm when you get in your car, but it’ll cool down quicker, which will help you save gas and money since you won’t need to leave your air conditioner blowing at full blast for quite as long.


There’s still a few more months filled with high temperatures ahead. So, be sure you don’t get caught in a hot car – Book an appointment with the experts at your neighborhood City Garage today. Our experts are here to help keep your summer breezy and stress-free.