Buying A Used Car? Bring It In To City Garage

Buying A Used Car? Bring It In To City Garage



So, you’ve decided to buy a used car. But before you drive off, be sure your new set of wheels checks out first.


While some buyers skip the pre-purchase inspection process because they either don’t want to spend the extra money or they anticipate a hassle trying to pry the car away from a private party or dealer, there are several benefits to bringing your car in for a pre-purchase inspection.


So, why is a good inspection important? A good inspection will serve several purposes, including:


  • Finding any engine codes exposing problems within your engine
  • Revealing hidden problems with the body or frame
  • Confirming the equipment, or options, on the car
  • Verifying the condition of the car
  • Building confidence in the value of the vehicle


What are some of the things that could be uncovered during a good inspection? Many major problems can be spotted, including:


  • Finding any frame damage. We’ll be able to tell if the frame has been damaged. If it has been, it’s a clear indicator that the car has been in a serious accident. Unless the car has been repaired effectively, the car’s wheels might not track correctly, causing the vehicle to pull that will eventually lead to tire damage.


  • Spotting any poor previous service or repair work. Whether it’s sloppy bodywork or incorrect installation of parts or modifications, our experts will be able to tell.


  • Determining if the car was flood-damaged. Although a vehicle history report usually lets you know if a car has any flood damage, a falsified title could hide this red-flag, but we’ll be able to spot the signs of water damage.


So, what else do we look for during our Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection Service? Here’s a list of a few of the things we’ll be checking:


During our safety inspection…


  • We’ll check your head lights and wipers to make sure your visibility won’t be compromised


  • We’ll check your turn signals, emergency flashers, brake lights and horn to ensure your safety on the road


  • We’ll check your tires, including the spare, so that you don’t find yourself on the shoulder of the road anytime soon


During our under the hood inspection…


  • We’ll check under the hood for any dents, damage or rust, which could all be signs of damage or that the car wasn’t well-cared for


  • We’ll check the engine belts and hoses, and look for any leaks or corrosion


  • We’ll check the condition of your fluids, including your engine oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and power steering fluids


  • We’ll also check that your air and emission filters are clean


During our under the car inspection…


  • We’ll check for any fluid leaks. By putting the car on a lift, we’ll be able to spot any serious fluid leaks from the engine, transmission or cooling system. We’ll also have easier access to suspension parts as well.


  • We’ll check that your wheels are aligned and determine if there is any pulling


  • We’ll also check your shocks, struts, suspension, steering and more


During our charging system inspection…


  • We’ll check the battery, alternator and starter draw to make sure your car won’t have a problem starting up


  • We’ll also check your cables and terminals for any signs of corrosion


During our on board diagnostics inspection…


  • We’ll check your computer diagnostics and retrieve trouble codes stored by your computer


We’ll also check your brakes, air conditioning, exhaust and cooling systems as well.


If the inspection report comes back clean, then you can buy in confidence. And if it doesn’t, then you can pass or negotiate a lower price with the cost of service and repairs.


While an inspection won’t guarantee you’ll never come across any problems down the road ahead, our trained experts can help you avoid some serious problems. And since you’re about to invest thousands of dollars, spending an hour of time and $89 is definitely a good insurance measure.


So, if you’re in the market for a previously owned car, be sure to schedule an appointment with our ASE Certified Experts and let us inspect before you buy.


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