Avoid A Memorial Day Meltdown

Avoid A Memorial Day Meltdown

Happy family driving in a convertible car.


According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), approximately 34.8 million Americans will take to the roads this Memorial Day weekend. And with this holiday weekend marking the beginning of the summer travel season, be sure you and your car are prepared.


Before you hit the roads, check for these 5 common causes of car failure:


Evaporative Leak: The summer sun can cause an increase in pressure in your gas tank and lead to evaporative emissions.
Common Culprit: A loose gas cap is most likely at fault; however, a cracked hose may also be to blame.
Solution: During a tune-up, we’ll perform a visual inspection under the hood and look for any leaks.


Engine Hesitation or Surge: A rise in heat and humidity leaves your vehicle susceptible to exhaust gas recirculation.
Common Culprit: Possibilities include a dirty air filter or transmission fluid.
Solution: Don’t wait. When you bring your car in, we’ll find what’s at fault and fix the problem, whether it’s replacing your air filter or flushing your transmission fluid.


Overheating: With the extreme Texas heat, your car’s cooling system has to work overtime to prevent engine overheating.
Common Culprit: A faulty cooling system or low fluid level.
Solution: When you come into your local City Garage, we’ll check your car’s fluid levels, including your engine coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, washer fluid and engine oil.


Flat Tire or Blowout: The summer heat increases air pressure, leading to overinflation. While some newer vehicles may have tire-pressure monitoring systems, most car’s computers won’t detect this problem.
Common Culprit: Wear and tear or over inflation.
Solution: When you stop by your neighborhood City Garage, we’ll check your tire tread and inflation level for any sign of trouble ahead.


No-Start Car: Hot weather leaves your battery in the worst condition. What’s worse is your car battery doesn’t leave many signs or signals of failure in its future.

Common Culprit: Dead battery due to extreme heat.
Solution: When you stop by your local City Garage, we’ll test your battery and replace it if it’s due for a new one.


Even with the best care and maintenance, accidents still happen. So, if you find yourself in a jam, remember to follow these safety tips:


Stay on Safe Ground: Pull off to the shoulder and as far away from traffic as possible. Use the door opposite of the roadway when entering and exiting the car to avoid oncoming traffic.


Alert Others: Immediately turn on your hazard lights. Create as much visibility around you and your car as possible with cones and reflective triangles.


Find a Flat Area: Look for a flat area so that you can safely jack up your car if you have a blowout or flat tire.


With Memorial Day weekend on its way, we wish you safe travels ahead. And if you haven’t stopped by your local City Garage lately, be sure to call or schedule an appointment today.