Tips To Help Your Battery Beat The Summer Heat

Tips To Help Your Battery Beat The Summer Heat

With temperatures rapidly rising and summer road trips on the horizon, it’s time to make sure your car is prepared to beat the Texas heat.


Many motorists realize the importance of readying their vehicles for winter weather, but it’s just as important to prepare for the summer months as well. The fact is that heat can actually be even more damaging than the cold and kill batteries 33% faster, leaving more drivers deserted.


To keep your car running smoothly throughout the summer, here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Perform visual inspections and preventative maintenance regularly. Take time to get familiar with your battery and how to clean it, and inspect it every few months for things like loose wires, corrosion on the terminals and secure housing.


  • Check the fluid levels. Engine fluids are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly as they not only lubricate, but serve as coolants by helping carry heat away from critical components.


  • Avoid excessive heat – it drains the life from batteries. The more heat a battery is exposed to, the shorter its life, so be sure to keep your engine cool.


  • Unplug unnecessary electronics. Leaving auto accessories on can instantly drain your batteries. So, before turning off your vehicle, make sure your accessories are turned off as well.


In addition to the tips above, we strongly recommend having one of our ASE Certified Car Experts check your battery before you hit the road this summer, especially if it’s over three years old. Each of our locations offer free battery checks as well as $10 off a new battery or service, so stop by or schedule an appointment with the expert mechanics at your local City Garage today – We’ll keep you on the road all summer long.


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