Going Green At City Garage

Going Green At City Garage



Did you know it only takes one quart of waste oil to pollute one million gallons of drinking water? Every year in the United States there is over 44 billion gallons of waste oil generated from our transportation system. Of this, only 12% was captured and recycled last year.


Valvoline’s NextGen oil was first produced in 2011. It exceeds all industry specifications for performance, protection and durability, while requiring fewer resources.


Compared to conventional oil, choosing NextGen allows for:


  1. A 48% reduction in the use of fossil fuels during the oil refining process
  2. A 40% reduction in harmful and acidic emissions
  3. A 20% reduction in global warming impact
  4. Saving millions of barrels of crude oil


City Garage properly disposed over 45 thousand gallons of used motor oil, transmission fluid and contaminated fuel. We properly disposed almost 38 thousand oil, fuel and transmission filters in 2008. Our locations reused nearly 15 thousand gallons of antifreeze to create ethylene glycol recycler.


City Garage has built eleven locations that thrive on going green. These locations are equipped with waste oil heaters that are used in the winter to heat our shops. These waste oil heaters are UL and EPA approved for their compliance with the Clean Air standard.


All of our locations recycle used printer ink and toner cartridges and donate the proceeds to local school fundraisers. We also send all of our out-of date catalogs to schools to be recycled. By taking part in recycling programs we are helping produce a better environment.


Come into your local City Garage and for only $29*, regularly $39, get a Green Oil Change. It will include up to six quarts of Valvoline NextGen multi-viscosity motor oil made with recycled content, new oil filter and lube chassis.


Video: http://www.citygaragegreen.com/video.html


*Excludes diesels and luxury imports.