30 Point Maintenance Inspection

30 Point Maintenance Inspection

Note: This inspection simply indicates areas that may require services at the time of inspection. This inspection is a visual inspection and does not insure the reliability, longevity, or dependability of any parts, components, or systems of the automobile inspected. City Garage does not warrant or guarantee that the parts, components, or systems of the automobile inspected will not fail or are suitable for their intended use. City Garage further disclaims, any liability of any hidden wreck damage or tampered components not readily apparent.

Items that we check:


Malfunction Indicator Light


Horn Function

Wiper Blades

HVAC Operation

Inspection / Oil Sticker


Windshield Reservoir

Air Filter

Cabin Filter

Oil Level / Condition

Battery / Terminals

Spark Plug / Wires

Fuel Injection

Intake Service

Drive Belts

Timing Belt


Coolant Level / Quality

Power Steering Fluid

Brake Fluid

Engine / Transmission Mounts

Idle Quality

Differential Fluid

Shock Absorber / Struts

Steering Rack


U-Joints or CV Joints

Transmission Fluid / Service

Fuel Filter

Exhaust System

Scheduled Maintenance