City Garage is proud to be a sponsor of the Veterans Transition Forum (VTF). This wonderful charity’s sole mission is to help military veterans and their families with a smooth transition to civilian life. The charity was formed by a group of military veterans that have more than 80 years of experience in veteran transition between them, including the areas of business operations, career and skills training, employment, entrepreneurship and marketing.

The core of the VTF program is entrepreneurship, and the charity specializes in offering free mentoring services for those veterans interested in owning an independent business or franchise. In addition, VTF provides clear and concise information regarding retirement options, as well as opportunities for employment. Finally, VTF provides those health and wellness tools that are essential for veterans and their families to live a high quality of life. The charity is completely committed to assisting veterans and their families achieve their goals and dreams.

We salute our nation’s veterans as they transition into their civilian lives after years of service. We firmly believe that the VTF is instrumental in helping veterans transition with employment, entrepreneurship, retirement, health and wellness. Therefore, we are pleased and honored to sponsor the VTF.

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