Shocks and struts serve the important role of keeping your tires on the ground while assuring you a smoother ride. Shocks and struts become essential in emergency situations. Your shocks and struts also play an important role in steering and braking. Worn shocks and struts could be as dangerous as driving on bald tires or brakes without any fluid. With the arrival of new cars being lightweight struts are being used instead of shocks. They both provide the up-and-down movement of the tire, but more importantly contribute to the steering. A worn shock can also play a factor in your ability to get out of harm’s way during an emergency maneuver.

Warning signs of worn down shocks and struts are: uneven tire wear, excessive bounce on rough surfaces, oil leaks from the shocks or struts, nose diving when approaching a red light or stop sign, steering wheel vibration or if you notice your vehicle veering in side winds. If you desire to do a self-inspection there is something known as the bounce test. To perform a bounce test push down on your front bumper and go as low to the pavement as possible and release. A vehicle with healthy shocks should rebound into place quickly. After the release, if the car bounces up and down before settling back into place there is a high probability that your vehicle has worn shocks or struts.

Our DFW mechanics highly recommended that at 50,000 miles you should have your shocks and struts replaced. Due to the fact drivers become accustomed to their vehicle they might not check for leakage or other signs of potential mechanical failure. Typically the owner may not know shocks and struts wear out. Having a DFW mechanic you trust is vital in your car’s performance.

City Garage is able to maintenance your DFW shocks and struts to keep your car prepared for situations where stopping abruptly could save your life. If you think you’re experiencing issues with your shocks and struts, make an appointment today to have them checked out by one of our ASE Certified Technicians. All locations provide guests with free WiFi or you can drop off your car and one of our Dallas and Fort Worth mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete.