Has your car been overheating? Are you noticing leaks in your radiator hoses? At City Garage our DFW ASE Certified Technicians will detect if you do have a leaking radiator.

The purpose of an automotive radiator is to cool the engine. At the front of your vehicle you will notice your radiator. Attached to your radiator are two hoses, an upper hose and lower hose. These two hoses circulate antifreeze through your radiator to first get your engine to 190 degrees. The antifreeze prevents water from freezing and has additives to provide lubrication that prevent corrosion.

Your radiator cap controls the amount of antifreeze released into your engine. Getting your radiator drained around 60,000 miles is City Garage’s recommendation. If there are any cracks or leaks in your radiator hoses they should be replaced. Before adding any antifreeze the system must be exchanged to clean the engine. City Garage will use a 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water combination.

Exchanging fluids and refilling your radiator every 60,000 miles is what City Garage mechanics recommend in order to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone. During your visit your DFW ASE Certified Technician will inspect your vehicle’s hoses and belts that are used for the full cooling process. Bring your car into our DFW mechanics at City Garage for a $89 radiator exchange fluids and fill. You can easily make an appointment online and have one of our ASE Certified Mechanics take care exchange fluids, repair or replace your radiator. All locations offer free WiFi or you can drop it off and one of our mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete