If you worked with us at the City Garage, you’d have the pleasure of seeing many Camaros. This incredibly fun car has been a favorite since it was released in 1966. It has achieved fame as a top-selling sports car, an occasional movie star, and an Indianapolis Pace Car.
The Camaro was so important to the Chevy line that they nicknamed it the panther and kept it secret until its big release in June 1966. The Chevrolet public relations team sent out telegrams that asked automotive journalists to help Chevy ‘scratch a cat’ and ‘eradicate panthers’. When the big day arrived, it was the first time that 14 cities would experience a live press conference simultaneously. Chevy execs jokingly said that the word meant a vicious beast that would ‘eat mustangs’, referring to rival Ford Mustang. The name Camaro may actually mean ‘friend or comrade’, which this affordable roadster certainly has been to many an owner.
Even the first year, it had four engine choices. The best was a high performance V8 with 375 horses under the hood. With the introduction of the Z28 in 1977, the roadster finally knocked the Ford Mustang off its pedestal. As generations have passed, the car has gotten sleeker and more aerodynamic. The engines are speedier and incredibly complex. The icon’s recent update earned it the World Car Design of the Year. Despite many changes, Chevy still sticks with rear wheel drive, which is part of why this car drives like a race car.
If you have a vintage Camaro or a recent edition, please bring it by, even if it’s just for a visit. We love to see these roadsters in our shop. We have skilled mechanics can keep yours in mint condition. These cars really are history on the move.

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