Your fuel pump’s main objectives are to send fuel from the tank to the injectors, and create enough pressure to the injector to provide the precise amount of fuel to the needed location in your vehicle. At City Garage our DFW ASE Certified Technicians will make sure your vehicle’s fuel pump is completing the two main objectives.

By having a weak fuel pump in your fuel system the chances of disturbing the calibration of your vehicle is very high. Your weak fuel pump could lead to not providing your engine with enough fuel, poor idle quality, hesitation when accelerating or a loss of power. Additionally, your weak fuel pump could cause an increase in hydrocarbon emissions. If your car has these systems an emissions test should be completed.

Your local City Garage is able to replace your fuel pump to help get the required pressure to the fuel injector. In addition, we provide our customers with industry-leading products to ensure the longevity of your fuel pump and fuel delivery system. So, drop by your City Garage auto repair location and let our experienced ASE Certified Technicians get you and your family back on the road so that you can get on with your lives. You can schedule your appointment using our online contact form, or you can give us a call today. For customer convenience, we offer free WiFi at all City Garage locations. If you’re not able to stick around for your service or repair one of our friendly staff members can drop your car off at your home or office.