Since 1990 all vehicles require a fuel injector. The fuel injector is responsible for squirting fuel into your engine. Your engine control computer tells the fuel injector how much fuel to deliver as well as the precise time to deliver the fuel.

Virtually all fuel injectors for gas engines are known as port fuel injectors because they deliver to a port just outside of the cylinder. The fuel pump provides the pressure needed to squirt the right amount of fuel into the engine. A few automakers have introduced gas-direct engine systems on some engines recently, and City Garage is well versed with these as well. These systems inject the gas directly into the cylinders under very high pressure, many times the pressure of port injection systems. Even though more complicated, direct injection technology promises greater power with better fuel economy.

Your fuel injectors need to be operating properly in order for your car to run right. High temperatures and variation with gas quality cause fuel injectors to get fouled with wax, dirt, water, additives and carbon. Your fuel injector can become partially clogged preventing it from delivering the proper amount of fuel at the correct pressure. When injectors are dirty the fuel doesn’t burn as efficiently resulting in poor fuel economy and loss of power.

Your local City Garage is able to replace your fuel filter to help increase your gas mileage. Stop by your City Garage auto repair location and let our City Garage ASE Technicians get your car back on the road. Use our online contact form or call to schedule your appointment today!