If you’ve ever wondered how many miles your vehicle should be able to go without any major problems, the answer isn’t going to be the same for every vehicle or vehicle owner. Depending on whether the recommended maintenance has been done, and what kind of driver you may be, you may get any number from between 100k to 250k as the threshold for when problems should be arising. Here at City Garage DFW, we are able to diagnose your vehicle with expert precision, and provide a maintenance that is neither too much nor too little. At City Garage DFW, we want to make your maintenance experience smooth and pleasant. City garage DFW strives to make that happen. Give our ASE certified technicians a call, or make an appointment online at your earliest convenience!

Your DFW City Garage offers $25 off any maintenance totaling over $200. By following the plan created by our ASE Certified Technicians you will be able to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone without any problems! All of our locations offer free Wi-Fi for our customers, so you can continue working or just stayed entertained while you wait! You can also have your vehicle dropped off at our garage to have it serviced, and one of our mechanics will bring it back to your home or office when the service is complete. Be sure to get in touch with City Garage DFW today for a thorough and fair diagnostic of your problem. Give us a call today!