Have you noticed a loss in fuel mileage? A probable cause is due to a dirty air filter. If dirty air enters the engine it affects the bearings, piston rings and cylinders. Luckily, City Garage carries air filters that will eliminate hazardous dust, dirt and other debris from entering your engine.

Your engine needs clean air in order to create the necessary air-to-fuel ratio your engine needs to run smoothly. Depending on the location of where you drive your vehicle on a regular basis will determine how often you should get your air filter replaced. If you drive in the country or in a location where there is construction taking place the odds of needing an air filter increase substantially.

We recommend getting your fuel injector, fuel pump and fuel filter inspected at the same time as your air filter. This will be good for your engine’s air to fuel ratio. A clean and well-maintained fuel system and air filter will provide better gas mileage for your vehicle. Changing them at the same time allows the fuel to ignite quicker inside of your engine cylinder, which will boost your engine combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

City Garage is able to provide air filters to keep your engine going to reach the 150,000-mile milestone. Stop by your City Garage auto repair location and let one of our DFW ASE Certified Technicians change your air filter today. Fill out the contact form or call today to schedule your appointment.